Things to Consider Before Hiring a Security Company

You might have come across advertisements advertising an all- wireless, all-digital automation system and home security using Smartphone. Cable companies control the monitoring, or you can monitor on your own. , or you may opt to do it yourself. At times your cable may go out, and when you call the security companies, they take long before responding.  Armorous is one of the reliable security companies that you can consider when looking for a security company . When considering the purchase of a life safety alarm or a security system for business or home, you need to consider the qualities highlighted in this post.



Finding out if their customers were satisfied with their work is essential. You can do this by looking for contacts of those served earlier and then questioning them on whether they liked the services. Going on the company’s website and reviewing customers comments can also be useful in helping you determine which company to choose.

The website’s information may not be very reliable and it is, therefore, important to consider information from other sources. See whether you can be able to inspect the work yourself. This will help you in determining whether the services offered fulfill your demands and desires. Ensure the security person you select cleans up their mess after installation.


Ensure the company is licensed for security in your state. In all states, it is mandatory that all security companies get licensed. This ensures that the alarm company ensures they document employees. It entails fingerprinting them and sending their information to the Division of Licensing Services. The process helps in conducting a background check on any crime that may have been done by a company. You may end up being liable for injuries sustained during work or lousy work due to improper licensing.

Guarantee Work

The security company should be able to cleary spell what they cover and what they do not cover. The warranty period should be clearly indicated. A minimum of one year warranty is what you should expect.

Does the Company Offer Other Services?

Hiring a cable company or general contractor to do your security system is a bad idea. Most of such companies have no idea how the sensors function and the process of installing them. Security is a field which should be taken care of by specialized people. The specialists should be aware that determining how to install and calibrate a sensor is very important.

Companies doing more than security and life safety like TV, internet, and satellite service are spread thinly and may not be able to serve you. The security industry is based on safety codes and building, experience requirements and security equipment.