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5 Tips to keep your carpet clean

Put effort into keeping your carpet clean because it’s more than just for a clean room, but also for a healthy life. Deep cleaning and cleaning your carpet in general, is not an easy or a fun thing to do. To avoid spending a lot of time for cleaning, follow these five tips to keep your carpet clean.

Call a professional

Firstly, call someone that specialized in carpet cleaning to do a deep cleaning. Because no matter how hard you try, they can do it better and faster. So you can start living with a clean carpet and continue keeping it fresh. Especially if you just got a new carpet or you haven’t cleaned it in a long time. New rug contains chemicals from the production process, in addition to all the dirt it has from the store.

Vacuum regularly


Don’t fail to vacuum at least every week to keep your carpet dust free. Even when it looks fine, a vacuum can pull out dirt that your eyes can’t see. There are many benefits for the health as well when it comes to cleaning your carpet regularly; this activity will keep our lungs away from bacteria and diseases.


Make ground rules

The most obvious way to keep your carpet clean is not to eat and drink near it. Too many things can go wrong when you test your luck with bringing food and drinks near it. Think about all the spills that you don’t know was happening, this can build up or create an invitation for bugs. Make sure that everyone that lives with you shares the same rule about this.

Clean stain right away

Getting a stain once in a while is inevitable. Even when we have done everything in our power to prevent it, a guest or a relative with children might come over and accidentally spill on some stain. When it happens, try your best to clean it right away and don’t procrastinate. Because an older stain will become more permanent with the rug and it will be harder to clean as well.

Shoes off


You’ll never know exactly how dirty the bottom of your shoes is. Think about all the places you have been and all the miscellaneous stuff you have stepped on. Is a total nightmare to have it stick onto your carpet right? Make taking off your shoes a habit and save yourself more money and time from all the extra cleaning you have to do.