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Different Lawyers and Their Legal Roles

People cannot live without lawyers since they offer professional legal help to those who need it. A couple of decades ago, only a few types of lawyers or attorneys were available. However, there are numerous types of lawyers today as people need legal help, technically in all areas of life. Most people still do not know that they have a right to get a lawyer if they are involved in a legal battle.

Lawyers have more roles than this as they advise companies, witness signing of documents and even arbitrate in some disagreements. Below are some of the common lawyers that you should know and the roles they play in the society.

Criminal Lawyers


Many situations can lead to people being charged with a crime. Whether you have robbed a bank, involved in a murder or done any other thing that constitutes to a crime in your state, then you need a criminal lawyer to take you through.

The lawyer should have enough knowledge in criminal law to be in a position to help you. They also need to know more about bail and please since the matter will end up in a court of law. They aim to prove that you are not guilty or reduce the punishment when found guilty.

Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

These two go hand in hand. As much as some lawyers may specialize in one and leave the other, most will take both as their specialization. These lawyers help people who have caused accident get a fair trial and fine. On the other hand, they help those who are injured because of a drunk driver to get decent compensation. It all depends on which side they are. However, either ways they focus on helping the affected party in understanding the law.

Family and Estate Planning Lawyers

Another category of lawyers is the one that helps families solve the challenges that face them, especially in matters related to the property allocation. When it comes to trusts and wills, every person will need a lawyer with experience and one who can be trusted. They will help you write, sign and seal these crucial documents. They also come in and help the family members to interpret the documents if there is a disagreement in the allocation.

Corporate Lawyers


Corporations and other organizations rely on these attorneys on many occasions. When forming a corporation, registering a new branch or doing a merger, you will involve the lawyer. They witness signing of documents as well as help you process them. When it comes to operations, they will also come in to assist the company in staying within the law. If the business is involved in a legal challenge, they are also the primary point of reference.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

It is common for people to face financial challenges. The worst thing is to be declared bankrupt and still have unsettled debts. The legal battles start at this point making life very hard for you. However, you still have rights, and a bankruptcy lawyer will come in to offer all the necessary assistance.

As much as there are many other types of lawyers out there, the ones discussed above are the popular ones. No matter what challenge you are facing, you will get an appropriate lawyer to assist you.