It usually isn’t a lot of encouragement when two people in a loving relationship have to be so many miles away from each other, and the only thing that most people seem to tell them is that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, yes it does, and if you look at it from a positive angle, it also helps the relationship grow stronger. Here are the benefits of long distance relationships.

If you beat the distance, you can beat anything

Long ago things used to be so traditional such that you married someone and you lived together in the same place for years and years as your family grew bigger. In this time and age, job opportunities and even school force people to move so many miles away from home leaving their loved ones behind. If you are in a relationship and this happens to you, understand that you can make it through anything if you can survive the distance as that is one of the key reasons why most people decide to break up.

Improves communication

There are so many people in relationships who live in the same house and see each other every day yet they do not communicate effectively or have any meaningful conversations. If you are miles and miles away from each other, you stop taking each other’s presence for granted. It pushes you to learn to communicate with each other effectively. You are forced to start having real conversations.


Long distance relationships can be a pointer to just how much either one of you is invested in the relationship. Things cannot work if both of you are not completely committed. The distance, therefore, is a factor that helps you understand if your partner is willing to walk the long road with you. It is like a test. If you two can keep things going, then you know for sure that both of you are fully committed and if not then be thankful that you now know.


Living far away from each other ensures that both of you can be independent. I know people who get into a relationship, and they lose their identity. They lose themselves. They become nothing but an extension of their better halves. A long distance relationship ensures that you have your own thing going on for you regarding friend, school or work. You become independent, and you can preserve the spark that attracted your partner to you.