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Fly Fishing : Technique, Tips & Tactics

Note : This section of fly fishing gear.info is still under development.

The Gallatin River in Yellowstone National Park
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Fly fishing is a fast growing sport. And the reasons for the popularity of fly fishing are obvious. Fly fishing is enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding - often times conducted in some of the most beautiful areas of the USA and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for beginner anglers, learning fly fishing can at times be difficult. Which is where our site comes into play.

This section of fly fishing gear.info has been put together to give anglers, especially new anglers, some guidance on how to get the most out of fly fishing. There are countless sites about fly fishing on the Internet. Unfortunately, very, very few of them actually touch on any of the techniques, tactics and strategies used in fly fishing.

And that is why this section of fly fishing gear.info has been created. We'll explore the various fish you happen to fly fish for in detail, cover casting basics, how to read the water, how to take care of your gear, how to tie knots, explore hatches and entomology and much more. In short, this section will allow you to learn how to fly fish, just like our Buyers Guide to Fly Fishing Gear allows you to learn about the various gear that is used.

Fly Fishing Articles

We have prepared numerous articles about fly fishing. For simplicity and organization, our fly fishing articles are grouped into the following topic areas. Just click on a topical area to see all articles about a particular topic.

Trout and Their Habitat : These fly fishing articles examine the various trout most anglers chase when fly fishing. Particularly, seperate articles have been prepared to help anglers learn more about Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Brook Trout. Learn more about Trout and Their Habitat.

Reading the Water : This unique section of fly fishing gear.info provides information about how to read trout water. Includes several painfully created graphics to help you understand pools, riffles, runs and more. Learn more about Reading Trout Waters.

Aquatic Insects : These fly fishing articles examine the aquatic insects that anglers attempt to imitate when fly fishing. Particularly, we will look at the life stages and habitat of mayflies, hoppers, and other aquatic insects. Learn more about Aquatic Insects.

Fly Casting : The fly casting articles goes over the basics of casting methods used in fly fishing. We will provide helpful information about how to properly use the basic cast when fly fishing. Article also provides information about the roll cast, double haul, and other fly casts used when fly fishing. Learn more about Fly Casting.

Approach & Presentation : Approach and presentation (how you approach the trout and then present the fly to the trout) are extremely important in fly fishing. This article provides helpful information about how to do it correctly. Learn more about Approach & Presentation for Fly Fishing.

Hooking & Landing a Fish : These articles provide information on how to properly set the hook, how to successfully play a fish and how to put them in your net with no damage to yourself or your fish. Learn more about Hooking & Landing Fish.

Nymph Fishing : Did you know that a trout's diet consist of about 80% sub-surface flies? By knowing how to nymph fish, you'll add a great weapon to your fly fishing arsenal. These articles examine nymph fishing technique, tactics and strategies. Learn more about Nymph Fishing.

Dry Fly Fishing : Dry fly fishing is the most common and probably popular method of fly fishing, if only because it is easier than nymph fishing. These articles examine the intricacies of dry fly fishing. Learn more about Dry Fly Fishing.

Wet Fly Fishing : Wet flies are sub-surface flies that often time look like nymphs, while other times they often don't resemble anything found on the planet. Yet, wet fly fishing is a wonderful tactic to use. Learn more about Wet Fly Fishing.


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