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Privacy Policy of Fly Fishing Gear.Info

Bean Lake in Montana along the Rocky Mountain Front

The privacy policy of Fly Fishing Gear.Info is very simple. Except by court order or to assist law enforcement, we will never release, sell, give away or otherwise provide any information that you provide us.

Fly Fishing Gear.Info does not collect ANY personally identifiable information about our visitors. In the future, we will be offering a newsletter that you may subscribe too for free. We will need your email address in order to send this to you. We will not provide or sell your email address to any other party except to assist law enforcement personnel or by court order.

Cookie Information

We also do not currently set any cookies on our visitors' computers. A cookie is a small, harmless text file that is stored in your "cookie" folder on your machine. However, we do maintain affiliations with a number of other companies. When you click on one of their links in our site, a cookie will be set on your machine. This cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information. All this cookie contains is information that lists what site you were just visiting when you clicked on the link. Essentially, the cookie is a link tracker that shows that you clicked through to one of our partners' sites from Fly Fishing Gear.Info. The information in the cookie is only used by our partners to track sales. No other information is included.

Fly Fishing Gear.Info does NOT, repeat NOT, use pop-up ads. If you find a pop-up ad on your machine when visiting a page on our site, it did NOT come from this site. Instead, it either came from another site you visited or from a program on your computer that triggers pop-up ads when you visit a particular site (programs such as Gator do this).

Email Policy

Fly Fishing Gear.Info does NOT send out unsolicited email - better known as Spam. Period. If you receive an unwanted email, rest assured it did not come from us. In fact, we don't even maintain the email addresses of people who contact us.

Information Collected by Fly Fishing Gear.Info

The only information collected by Fly Fishing Gear.Info is the information provided in our web site statistic logs. The information this program provides us includes what domains our visitors came to our site from (such as msn.com) or what search engines they used to locate our site (such as google.com). Additional information in our logs include what browsers our visitors were using (such as Internet Explorer), how long our visitors stayed at our site, and how many pages in our web site they visited.

It should be noted that none of the information in our web logs is personally identifiable. Instead, our logs basically say you came from here (msn.com) using these search terms (fly fishing gear) and stayed for how long (10 minutes) and viewed how many pages (12) and used this browser (Explorer), along with a few other similar bits of information.


Questions about our privacy policy at all? Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you might have.


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