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Fly Fishing Boats : Overview

The Flathead River in Montana : A very large river where a fly fishing boat is very much needed

A good fly fishing boat can be indispensible for reaching fishing spots. All to often, a rivers depth, current speed or width will prevent a shore angler from reaching prime fly fishing spots. Because of this, anyone who plans on fly fishing a major river or who will be spending time fishing lakes should give serious consideration to getting a dedicated boat for fly fishing.

Happily, a fly fishing boat is not nearly as expensive as getting, say, a bass boat. Moreover, many varieties of boats work well for fly fishing. The vast majority of fly fishing boats are very portable, lightweight and offer uses beyond just fly fishing.

Many of the boats that work well for fly fishing are generally not considered by anglers in search of a boat. For this reason, we have compiled listings of all the various boats that work well for fly fishing - providing detailed information about each. The following types of fly fishing boats are covered in detail:

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks are the forgotten about type of fly fishing boat. Yet, a good inflatable kayak works amazingly well for fly fishing. These boats are affordable, durable, immensely portable and also provide great fun for river running and lake paddling. Also read our reviews of the Sea Eagle 380, Sea Eagle 340 and Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayaks.

Inflatable Rafts

A good inflatable raft is another excellent fly fishing boat. The smaller varieties of these types of boats are ideal for 1-2 anglers, and work equally well for both river and lake fishing. The smaller inflatable rafts are also very affordable. Read our reviews of the Sea Eagle 9, Sea Eagle 8 and Sea Eagle 6 Inflatable Rafts.

Inflatable Sport Boats

Inflatable sport boats are designed for large lake and ocean use, and also work as yacht tenders. Able to handle very large outboard motors (up to 40hp) and the wilds of ocean surf, they make excellent fishing boats for saltwater anglers in need of a portable, versatile boat.

Catamaran Inflatable Kayaks

A new type of inflatable kayak, the catamaran inflatable kayak resembles in some ways a pontoon boat - with the angler sitting on a platform suspended between two pontoons. Catamaran kayaks are excellent fly fishing platforms and are also incredibly versatile.

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