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For people new to the sport of fly fishing, purchasing fly fishing gear can be a rather daunting, and expensive, activity. Lots of specialized gear is needed for fly fishing, and with all the gear available, it is all to easy to get confused on where to begin. And, as fly fishing gear as gone high-tech in recent years, a rather daunting array of strange sounding terms has also worked its way into the world of fly fishing gear.

So, to help new anglers, we've prepared numerous articles that can help any angler learn more about fly fishing gear and what to look for when shopping for it. The goal of these articles is to provide helpful information for anglers who need to learn more about a particular piece of fly fishing gear, as well as to help an angler find the right fly fishing gear that will meet their particular needs.

To begin learning about fly fishing gear, simply select from any of the featured articles below or from the menu on the left.

Featured Fly Fishing Gear Articles

Buyers Guide to Fly Rods : Eight articles explore the high-tech world of fly rods. These articles explore fly rod action, fly rod weight, fly rod length and more.

Buyers Guide to Fly Reels - Six pages of articles describe everything you wanted to know, and then some, about fly fishing reels. Articles explore the types of fly reels, fly reel drag systems, and more.

Fly Lines Explained - Five pages of articles describe everything you wanted to know, and then some, about fly lines. Article explores the importance of the fly line, fly line taper, fly line weight, fly line density, fly line codes and more.

Buyers Guide to Pontoon Boats - This article explores pontoon boats for fly fishing. It lists the different types of pontoon boats available, which boat is right for different types of fly fishing situations, the benefits of using pontoon boats for fishing, and much more.

Buyers Guide to Float Tubes - This article explores what float tubes are, what to look for when shopping for them and examines the different types of float tubes available.

Buyers Guide to Inflatable Kayaks - This article examines in detail what inflatable kayaks/canoes are, who they are designed for as well as why they are excellent boats for fly fishing.

Buyers Guide to Inflatable Rafts - This article goes into detail about the various types of inflatable rafts that are available for fly fishing. This guide examines whitewater rafts/frame rafts, standard portable inflatable rafts, and more.

Other Fly Fishing Gear Articles

Fly Fishing Waders : This article examines the different types of fly fishing waders available, what to look for when shopping around for them, and more.

Fly Fishing Vests : This articles covers how to make sure you get a good fly fishing vest - and why you want one.

Wading Boots : A quick look at why wading boots are so important, and some guidelines to follow when shopping around for a pair.

Fly Tying Kits : A quick look at what to look for when hunting around for a fly tying kit.

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