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Fly fishing technique, or the ability to properly cast a fly and put it where you want it, is the heart of fly fishing. Without a good ability to cast, all the rest - such as your gear, your clothing, your flies - is rather useless. Ultimately, the ability to properly cast a fly while fly fishing will make or break any fly fishing outing.

As such, any beginner angler should strongly consider investing one or more of these excellent fly casting books. And intermediate anglers, those who have mastered the basics casts of fly fishing, will also benefit from these fly casting books, as these books will help you identify unseen problems in your cast and will also introduce you to some newer casts for specific situations that may be new to you.

To get pricing or additional information about any of these fly casting guidebooks shown below, simply hover over any of the links..

Casting With Lefty Kreh : Casting should be nearly effortless. If you understand fly-casting mechanics and how to adapt them to various fishing conditions, your casting will greatly improve. That has been Lefty’s philosophy since he began teaching fly casting over fifty years ago. Lefty shows how to get rid of a tailing loop, throw a slack-line cast, and roll cast better, as well as casts for tight quarters, in wind, casting with weighted flies and lines, and distance casts. A section on the physical movements explains how to prevent injuries to the rotator cuff and elbow.    Buy at Amazon.Com

Joan Wulff's Fly-Casting Techniques : A richly illustrated guide that offers precise terms for every part of the cast, with sections on line speed, improving accuracy and distance, loop control, and much more.    Buy at Amazon.Com

Lefty Kreh's Longer Fly Casting : Lefty Kreh’s Longer Fly Casting holds the key for any angler—beginner to near-expert—to refine his or her fly-casting technique for reliable accuracy over greater distances. Through his revised text, and with numerous illustrations, Lefty analyzes the basic forward cast, explaining its different parts and dynamics, and builds on that to fully illustrate the double haul—the essential technique for targeting fish at your arm’s maximum range. Lefty also explains how to use a shooting head and how to overcome many common obstacles, including wind, trees, casting from boats, and more. Such skill minimizes the chance of scaring fish with too close an approach and also enables the angler to cover unwadable water, often resulting in much improved success.    Buy at Amazon.Com

The Cast: Theories and Applications for More Effective Techniques : Mastering the art of casting is the challenge for fly fishers who want to fully enjoy the sport in all kinds of conditions. But the rigid rules that most anglers stick to often ensure inefficient results. Ed Jaworowski's approach to casting is the result of over twenty years of research and innovation. Based on four principles that are applicable to every cast, Ed reveals his methods for achieving accurate and effortless casting. With 380 stop-action photos for visual support, this book provides detailed directions explaining how to cast longer while using less force, how to make a right-angle hook, how to avoid tailing loops, and how to cast in the wind.    Buy at Amazon.Com

The Essence of Flycasting : Through detailed instructions and dozens of precise photographs and diagrams, he clearly dissects this arcane art into understandable and executable steps to take the raw beginner from piles of line on the ground to graceful loops in the air. And the seasoned veteran will advance from struggling with 30-foot casts to skillfully double-hauling vastly more line across the water. This classic book of fly-fishing instruction belongs in every fishing library. The standard text used in flycasting schools around the world, Essence is now available to the general public for the first time. Illustrated with more than 150 clear, step-by-step b/w photos and illustrations.    Buy at Amazon.Com

The Orvis Guide to Better Fly Casting: A Problem-Solving Approach : The perfect marriage of human skill and dexterity to the cork and graphite of today’s fly rods takes a good bit of work, and this is the how-to book that gets you around common mistakes and bad moves so you can develop the muscle memory that makes for easy, accurate, and highly successful fly casting. Author Al Kyte’s instruction and numerous full-color photographs break down the parts of the cast to help you better understand what is happening and how to put all of the parts of your cast together to make noticeable improvements. Geared for fly casters of all skill levels, particularly beginning and intermediate casters, Kyte’s systematic method of changing and controlling the various ways a rod moves can help you approach those hard-to-reach fish and fool them into taking that favorite fly pattern in a strike.    Buy at Amazon.Com

Troubleshooting the Cast : No one analyzes fly casting more thoroughly or presents solutions more clearly than Ed Jaworowski. He demystifies the process. Building on The Cast, his groundbreaking study, Ed here summarizes the four basic principles of casting and presents 32 of the most common problems and how to solve them. Shock waves, line slapping against the rod, line or leader collapsing when casting a heavy fly, problems with wind on distance castseach problem and remedy is illustrated in precise line drawings and explained in concise text.    Buy at Amazon.Com

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